we are already the top brand in China with turn over more than 100 million dollar per year, Our product are widely sold to EU, Middle East market, Asia too and would like to cover more area in future.


Kangya is specialized on producing, researching, distributing group for consumable products for medical, hygiene and PPE. Our headquarter is located in Xiajiang, Jiangxi and have factories in Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Qingdao.
And have selling agent in Xinyu, Nanchang, Shenzhen, Hangzhou with more than 300 staffs.
We’re a fast growing company. Start from 2008 as a trading for gauze and cotton products, in 2016, we established our nonwoven fabric factory and nonwoven products factory in Jiangxi, till now.

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Kangya produce biodegradable spunlace and wet wipes

Kangya produce biodegradable spunlace and wet wipes

Since EU restrictions on certain single-use plastics, many manufactures and suppliers are searching for spunlace which is biodegradable, flushable, compostable to meet the requirement. As an manufacture of spunlace, we Kangya are good at producing this kind of eco-friendly raw material. We have w...

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Kangya start produce KN95 and N95 face mask.

In order to meet the big requirement of KN95 and N95 face mask during the pandemic of COVID-19, Kangya got two production line for N95 and KN95. N95 daily output is 150,000 pcs, KN95 daily output 100,000 PCS. Our N95 follow NIOSH quality standard.KN 95 follow GB 2626 standard. Both of them are wi...

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Kangya Help To Fight COVID-19

Today, COVID-19 is prevalent around the world, and new types are constantly being discovered. It is very difficult to eliminate it. However, this virus cannot be ignored. It spreads rapidly, spreads widely, has a high fatality rate, and has serious sequelae. It has a great impact on people’...

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Kangya Medical Website Is On Line.

Although Kangya is a very famous brand in domestic and are doing OEM for some famous foreign brand directly or indirectly, but we do not have English version website before. Very happy to tell, our website will be on line from now on. Kangya is already very famous for medical and hygiene consumab...

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Tencel Wipes–New Product From Kangya.

For a long time, viscose and polyester is the main raw material of wet wipes, especially full polyester one. But recently, people find it is not a very good choice, in fact, polyester is a kind of plastic, it can not be biodegradable, unflushable. Especially can be not used for toilet paper. Now...

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